The First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

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About First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

This purely volunteer cavalry troop was the first organized in defense of the colonies. Today the Troop is certainly the oldest mounted military unit and quite possibly the oldest military unit of any kind that has been in continuous service to the Republic. The times that called it into being, and the character of the original members who fought through the seven years of the American Revolution, together forged concepts of service and a body of tradition that have given it a continuity of purpose since 1774.

The First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry
 is a private military organization in the service of the United States. Because unique demands and opportunities are imposed upon its members, they become a closely knit fraternity. Membership is by election.

In war, our mission is to be the commander’s eyes and ears of the battlefield. To do this requires a unique soldier. He must be flexible, intelligent, resourceful, courageous, and crave danger to do the unique job of Scouting. As members of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, the Troop is also available to serve in a peacetime disaster relief role or otherwise in support of civil authorities.

Museum and Building Restoration Through exterior facade repairs and renovation of the interior museum space, the First City Troop’s Armory Restoration project will restore the Armory’s historic character and enable it to accommodate tourists, visitors and members.  Repairs to street-facing exterior walls and embattlements entail the replacement of supporting steel along with the masonry itself, to limit future deterioration and safety concerns. The museum on the building’s second level will be improved to house additional exhibits and update curatorial conditions.