The First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry


Membership for the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

Membership in the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry is by election. Prospective members are encouraged to attend social and military functions with the Troop, especially the monthly Monday Night Dinners at the Philadelphia Armory.
Prospective Troopers must be currently serving in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, or if non-prior military service, have executed an enlistment contract and be scheduled to attend Initial Entry Training.

To be granted a First Reading, the initial consideration of an application by the active members as a whole, the candidate must have filled out a membership application, be sponsored by a member of any roll, and have solicited three letters of support from members of any roll. The Troop’s Membership Committee evaluates the qualifications of prospectives who are presented during the Monday Night Dinners. Election is by secret ballot of members of the Active Roll.
Following his election, the new Trooper’s name is entered onto the Active Roll, and he receives his Troop Rosette, sequential Troop Number and a membership certificate.

Membership in the Troop entails both privileges and obligations. In addition to participating in regular training as a member of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, Troopers are expected to maintain the appearance and bearing appropriate to members of a military organization. They are issued a full-dress uniform to be worn during formal Troop functions or “turnouts.” Required turnouts each year currently include:

  • FTPCC Anniversary Dinner (November)
  • Washington’s Birthday Dinner (February)
  • Washington’s Memorial Dinner (December)
  • FTPCC Border Plate equestrian event (springtime)

Benefits include membership in the Troop Club, access to the Troop NCO club, vehicle parking in the Armory, and use of the Troop horses stabled in the Philadelphia area. Troopers also enjoy a wide variety of other opportunities: participation in FTPCC sail cruises, golf and shooting tournaments, turnouts at events such as U.S. Presidential Inaugurals, and national and international equestrian competition. Additionally, there is always a busy round of Troop social events, including many for the family.

Please contact [email protected] for more information about membership.